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What is AlchemyML

AlchemyML is a multi-environment solution for data exploitation. Easily design and automate your data workflows.

Use your data and get high value-added information for you and your company. Benefit from using AlchemyML faster than other competitive tools and at a competitive price.

Focus on what really matters. Our goal is for you to spend less time organising and cleaning up your data and help you make the decisions that matter most to your business.

Who is
AlchemyML for?

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Individuals, Data Scientists, Analytics leaders, Academics

Forget about repetitive work and automate your workflows. Do you know what a dishwasher is for and what adventages it has? Imagine the same with data.

Spend more time on value-added tasks

Share data insights easily with stakeholders

Build and put into production Machine Learning models with more agility.

Enterprise, Teams, Business Leaders, IT professionals

Empower both technincal and non-technical member with an intuitive and easy to use knowledge platform

Use AlchemyML as a tool for data analysis and artificial intelligence in you team's dat-to-day work.

Integrate AlchemyML technology into your applications. Give your products a layer advenced analytics and start using artificial intelligence as a competitive strategy within the market.

Share datasets, experiments and entire projects. Encourage collaboration and teamwork at the click of a button with AlchemyML.





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The Platform

The Platform is the fastest way to use AlchemyML with your data.

This is the best option if you have no knowledge of programming or you simply don't feel like coding.

An easy to use web application for data science and artificial intelligence.

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AlchemyML has its own python package open and available to communicate with the API.

If you have python installed in your computer, you can get the package by typing pip install alchemyml in your terminal.

You may need to first.

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The Ad-hoc

At AlchemyML, we also use our product’s and its capabilities to develop end-to-end solutions and integrate AlchemyML into your applications or third-party tools.

If this is your case and you would like to know more about how you can integrate AlchemyML, CONTACT US

If you need additional training in AlchemyML or want to meet with us to assess your specific case, click here and


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01_Sign up

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02_Uploading datasets

'Creating an automatic experiment' tutorial chapter miniature
03_Creating an automatic experiment

'Creating a manual experiment' tutorial chapter miniature
04_Creating a manual experiment

'Send and download datasets' tutorial chapter miniature
05_Send and download datasets

'Add to/Extract experiments from projects' tutorial chapter miniature
06_Add to/Extract experiments from projects

'Send experiments' tutorial chapter miniature
07_Send experiments

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08_Delete experiments/datasets

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The charm of AlchemyML

Very easy to use

At AlchemyML we want to empower everyone.

With the AlchemyML platform we will provide you with all the necessary information that you need in every situation so that you can see for yourself that you don't have to be a master of data science to master data science.

Two modalities

Automatic: Prototype quickly and find out which is the best machine learning model that AlchemyML can build.

Manual: Take control of your experiment and decide what you want to do at each step.

Be productive

Don't waste your time looking through thousands of features you'll never use.

AlchemyML takes care of the hard, routine work so you can keep only what you need and focus on getting the most out of AlchemyML

Analyze and pre-process your data faster.


We show you all the steps AlchemyML takes so you can understand how and why your data is transformed.


When you use the AlchemyML API you will feel like you are using all the pieces of the puzzle that make up the platform.

See how useful it is to use the best of each of them at the same time.


We all like to be treated well and more so when we ask for help. Our team is amazing and we don’t say that lightly.

Contact the people who develop AlchemyML for any questions you may have (training, infrastructure, advice) and we will help you in the best way we know how.

It grows every day

If you're not happy with the solution, you'll find another solution. We are clear about that and that is why we take into account all the proposals for improvement to make the tool grow.

CONTACT US and send us your suggestions.

Learn more about AlchemyML.

Download the manual for more detailed explanations.

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